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GH¢25m Goes Down the Drain Whenever it Rains – ECG Managing Director

The Managing Director of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has stated that the company loses about GH¢25 million whenever it rains in any part of the country. He explained that the consumption of electricity tends to decrease when the weather is cold, leading to reduced revenue for ECG.

Before the rainy season, ECG was averaging between GH¢40 to GH¢50 million daily. However, during rainy days, the revenue drops significantly.

Samuel Dubik Mahama, ECG MD

We plan all-year round with the same tariff. In certain parts of the world the tariff is not flat. When it’s cold, it varies from when it is hot and they find a way to balance it out. But we have a tariff that runs all year without considering the down periods.

So clearly consumption will be less during these periods and definitely revenue collected will not be adequate enough to cover the shortfalls,” he noted.

The Managing Director also mentioned that the current tariff structure in Ghana remains the same throughout the year, without considering seasonal variations. In contrast, some parts of the world have tariffs that vary based on the weather, allowing for better revenue management.

Source: Pulse Ghana

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