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High Court Issues Bench Warrant for Arrest of Chinese Businesswoman and MD of DHM Constructions in Land Dispute

Accra’s High Court has issued a bench warrant for the arrest of Weila Deng and Shirley Adwoa Ocran following a contentious land dispute in Cantonment involving DHM Constructions.

A recent development in Accra’s legal landscape has put the spotlight on a heated land dispute involving a Chinese businesswoman, Weila Deng, also known as Xiaohua Deng, and the Managing Director of DHM Constructions Limited, Shirley Adwoa Ocran. The Accra High Court has taken decisive action by issuing a bench warrant for their arrest, citing their evasion of justice amidst allegations of contempt.

The core of the conflict revolves around a parcel of land situated in Cantonment, with both parties claiming ownership rights. In the legal proceedings initiated by Ms. Deng, identified as SUIT NO. LD/0506/2022, she asserted ownership of Plots No. M1, M2, M3, and M4 near the AU Village in Cantonment. Her legal strategy included seeking an interlocutory injunction against the businessman involved in the dispute.

However, the High Court’s investigation uncovered crucial details that shifted the legal landscape. It was revealed that the defendant held a valid lease from the Lands Commission, along with a land certificate for the disputed land, effectively countering Ms. Deng’s claims. Despite lacking documented evidence of ownership, Ms. Deng proceeded with legal actions that were ultimately dismissed by the High Court.

In response, the businessman pursued an interlocutory injunction against DHM Constructions and Ms. Ocran, aiming to prevent any interference with Plots M1 & M2. Yet, before the court could rule on this injunction, Ms. Deng and Ms. Ocran allegedly took matters into their own hands. They reportedly trespassed on the disputed land, demolished a fence wall erected by the businessman, and disrupted the judicial process.

The businessman’s legal team highlighted previous incidents where Ms. Deng and her associates had resorted to aggressive tactics, including employing land guards and heavy machinery to assert control over the disputed land. Despite reporting these actions to the Property Fraud Unit of the Ghana Police Headquarters, the situation persisted, culminating in the recent demolition and disregard for legal processes.

The businessman contends that such actions not only undermine the rule of law but also hinder the orderly administration of justice. The issuance of a bench warrant reflects the seriousness with which the High Court views these alleged contempts and illegal activities, signaling a pivotal moment in the ongoing legal battle over land rights in Cantonment.