39-Year-Old Sister Derby Firmly States Her Decision Against Having Children

Renowned Ghanaian singer and human rights advocate, Deborah Vanessa, popularly known as Sister Derby, has made a resolute declaration regarding her future plans for motherhood. Despite her youthful appearance, Sister Derby, who recently celebrated her 39th birthday, revealed her unequivocal stance on not becoming a parent.

Addressing inquiries from fans about her potential motherhood, the artist highlighted that she currently cares for numerous children but has no desire to have one of her own. This revelation comes as a surprise to many, given her vibrant and youthful demeanor.

Sister Derby, who has encountered several unsuccessful relationships in the past, expressed her lack of eagerness for marriage earlier this year. Notably open about her personal life, she emphasized her contentment in her current relationship. She dismissed societal pressures surrounding marriage and advised young women to prioritize self-assurance, cautioning against succumbing to the societal pressure to marry, which can sometimes lead to abusive relationships.

In a recent interview on Ameyaw TV, Sister Derby explained her rationale for openly sharing her new boyfriend with the public. She firmly believes in authenticity and honesty in her relationships, stressing that she finds pretense and concealment to be stressful. According to her, if a partner is serious and brings her comfort, there’s no reason to hide the relationship from society.

Sister Derby’s candidness and confidence in embracing her choices have garnered attention and applause from her fans and followers. While her decision to forgo marriage and parenthood may defy traditional norms, she remains steadfast in her belief that happiness and contentment can be achieved through independence and authenticity in one’s choices.

Source: ghanacelebrities.com