80 Y/O American Tourist Killed by Elephant in Zambian National Park

black elephant on grass field

Bull Elephant Charges Tourist Truck, Flipping Vehicle and Causing Fatalities and Injuries.

A bull elephant charged a truck carrying tourists on a game drive in Zambia’s Kafue National Park, resulting in the death of an 80-year-old American tourist and injuries to five others. The incident occurred on March 30 and was reported by the safari company Wilderness, which organized the excursion.

According to Wilderness, the “aggressive” bull elephant unexpectedly charged at the truck, which was carrying six guests and a guide on a morning excursion through the park. The elephant’s behavior was unprovoked, and it quickly approached the vehicle, flipping it over using its trunk.

The attack injured five other tourists, one of whom was seriously injured and flown by helicopter to South Africa for treatment. The rest suffered minor injuries and were treated at the scene. Wilderness expressed deep regret over the incident, offering support to the affected families and individuals.

The safari company emphasized that such incidents are rare in wildlife parks, including Kafue National Park, which is known for its diverse animal population. Keith Vincent, the company’s CEO, noted that the rough terrain hindered the guide’s ability to maneuver the vehicle to safety quickly enough.

The identity of the American tourist who was killed has not been disclosed, and the company has requested privacy for her family. Wilderness also urged people not to share the video of the attack, which circulated online following the incident.