A Closer Look at the United States’ Strategic Investments in UN Peace Operations

U.S. Commitments at the 2023 Accra Peacekeeping Ministerial.

The United States expressed gratitude to Ghana for hosting the 2023 UN Peacekeeping Ministerial and outlined its commitment to strengthening UN and regional peace operations. Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield led the U.S. delegation, showcasing the country’s leadership in peacekeeping.

The U.S. emphasized its role as the largest financial contributor to UN peacekeeping, investing nearly $1.8 billion since 2005. In fiscal year 2023, over $74 million was committed through key programs, including the Global Peace Operations Initiative and the International Police Peacekeeping Operations Support Program.

Ghanaian peacekeepers take part in a night patrol in Bentiu, South Sudan -UNMISS/Gregório Cunha

Key initiatives and commitments include:

  1. Women’s Body Armor Pilot Project: A quadrilateral partnership with the Netherlands, Ghana, and Zambia, investing nearly $3 million to provide women peacekeepers with women-specific body armor.
  2. Peacekeeping Capacity Gaps: Committing over $10 million for aviation support, $30 million for Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities, and nearly $2 million for explosive hazard awareness training to enhance peacekeeper safety and civilian protection.
  3. Cleaner and Greener Peacekeeping: Allocating over $5 million for a Nepal-U.S.-UN Hybrid Solar Power Generation Pilot Project, expanding it with an additional $2 million for a solar energy storage system, and incorporating environmental considerations into infrastructure projects.
  4. Support to African Partners: Providing nearly $35 million through capacity-building programs to strengthen African partners’ peacekeeping capabilities, including equipment, infrastructure, and training.
  5. Police Peacekeeping Capabilities: Continuing support for the UN Police Job Specific Training program, with investments in development courses, curriculum expertise, and funding for women police peacekeepers.
  6. Performance and Accountability Support: Allocating $1.6 million in extra-budgetary funding for key staff positions, doctrine development, and training courses at UN Headquarters. Additionally, providing expertise in countering misinformation.

The U.S. remains committed to advancing the UN’s Action for Peacekeeping agenda, promoting women’s meaningful participation, addressing environmental concerns, and supporting peacekeeping operations globally.

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