After winning a fight for a dead woman’s house, a squatter sells it for a huge profit

Squatter who won battle over dead woman’s home sells it for huge profit

In a plot twist that even ancient Roman lawmakers probably didn’t see coming, a British construction worker turned homeowner by invoking an old law that sounds like it’s straight out of Hogwarts. Keith Best‘s journey from renovating a seemingly abandoned house to legally selling it for a substantial profit is the kind of real estate saga that has us wondering if the property market has a wizarding section.

Meanwhile, the late owner’s spirit must be doing a double-take from the afterlife as the property, which witnessed World War II and a “quirky” legal takeover, changes hands for a princely sum. It seems that in the realm of property law, time is not just money; it’s also the secret ingredient for an unexpected windfall. As for the new owner, Atiq Hayat, let’s hope he didn’t accidentally buy a property with a hidden Room of Requirement.

Builder Keith Best (pictured) began renovating the vacant home after seeing it while working in the neighbourhood.

Hayat, bewildered by the legal gymnastics, questioned the entire ordeal, asking, “How can you just take over an empty house and make it your own, isn’t that theft?” It’s a sentiment shared by many, as the saga raises eyebrows about the quirks in property law that allowed Best to turn an abandoned residence into a lucrative investment. In a world where legalities seem to have a touch of magic, this story serves as a reminder that in real estate, as in life, sometimes the most unexpected paths lead to the most astonishing destinations.

MailOnline can reveal that after living in it for almost eight years, Mr Best has now sold it, pocketing the entire £540,000 profit
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