AI Brothel Opens in Berlin

AI Brothel Opens in Berlin

Technology is getting crazier the more it goes and with prostitution legalized in Germany, a company known as Cybrothel has taken advantage of the opportunity and has introduced an AI brothel.

As of this month (June), people in Berlin will be able to book an hour with an AI sex doll. These customers will have both verbal and physical access to these dolls. The AI sex dolls are programmed to respond to touch and engage in conversation in real-time.

Senior researcher at the Leverhulme Centre for the Future Intelligence at the University of Cambridge, Dr. Kerry McLenerey argued,

“It’s crucial that we understand what kinds of data sets are used to train sex chatbots, otherwise we risk replicating ideas about sex that demean female pleasure and ignore sex that exists outside of heterosexual intercourse,”

Raising concerns about the implications of this technology on human relationships.

The founder of Cybrothel, Philipp Fussengger, shared some of the causes for this development:

“Many people feel more comfortable sharing private matters with a machine because it doesn’t judge.”

Although the AI dolls are simply not capable of judging, some of the public is concerned about data protection and ethics.