Ariana Grande Opens Up About Online Bullying and Album Cover Controversy

Ariana Grande has opened up about the online “bullying” she faced that led to her decision to change the album cover for her debut album, “Yours Truly.” As part of the 10th anniversary celebration of the album, Grande released live performances, a digital deluxe version, and new merchandise. In a two-part Q&A on TikTok, she addressed a question about why she changed the album cover for the 2023 deluxe version.

Grande candidly admitted that the original 2013 album cover received criticism from her listeners, describing it as “horrible.” She acknowledged that people got “very angry” and expressed sadness over the negative feedback. She decided to change the cover because she ultimately agreed with the distaste expressed by her fans.

However, Grande also used this opportunity to address the “bullying” she has faced over the past decade. She told her followers that while they were right about their criticism, their consistent bullying has taken a toll on her. She mentioned that sometimes such criticism can be helpful, but other times it leaves her questioning everything she has done since. She ended her statement with a playful “just kidding.”

This is not the first time Grande has spoken out about online criticism and its emotional impact. In April, she posted a video on TikTok addressing concerns people had about her appearance. In 2015, she also spoke out against inappropriate commentary about herself and fellow actor Ariel Winter on social media.

Despite the negativity she has faced, Grande expressed gratitude for her supporters in the first part of her “Yours Truly” Q&A. She thanked them for being in her life for the past ten years and for supporting her every step of the way. She concluded by saying, “I’m so insanely, eternally grateful… I love you.”

Overall, Ariana Grande’s reflection on the criticism she faced and its effect on her sheds light on the challenges celebrities encounter with online bullying. Her openness about the emotional toll it takes serves as a reminder of the importance of kindness and empathy in online interactions.

Source: cnn