On Saturday, 15th June, 2024, the Bernard Tekpetey Foundation will host a blood donation exercise at the University of Ghana Athletic Oval, aiming to collect 500 units of blood to support individuals in need of transfusions.

The main objective of the exercise is to provide a safe and adequate supply of blood for transfusions to those undergoing surgery, cancer patients, and individuals with medical conditions that require blood transfusions.

As part of the exercise, individuals who are at least 17 years old and above are eligible to donate blood, with certain requirements including good health status, no blood donation within the past 56 days (for whole blood donations), no new tattoo or body piercing within the past 6-12 months (if not traveled to certain countries with high rates of infectious diseases within a certain period).

Other requirements also includes weight of at least 50kg, not pregnant or breastfeeding and sound mind.

Mr. Collins Komla Okyeamah, the project manager in an interview with AccraDailyPost revealed that Bernard Tekpetey Foundation prioritizes the safety of both donors and recipients.

He mentioned that strict measures and conditions have been outlined to ensure successful organization of the event.

“Donors will be screened for health conditions and risk factors, equipment used during donation will be sterilized and/or disposable, donors must wash their hands and arms before donating.” He said.

As part of the safety protocols outlined, the project manager indicated that blood collection staff are trained in proper hygiene practices, donation areas would be kept clean and disinfected regularly, donated blood would be properly labeled and stored, donors will be provided with post-donation care information as well as monitored for signs of adverse reactions.

Collins Komla Okyeamah, however, called on Ghanaians especially the sporting fraternity to support the foundation and the worthy cause.

Former and footballers, top sports personalities, colleagues and friends of Bernard Tekpetey are expected to grace the occasion.