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Cecilia Dapaah denies using aliases for real estate business

Former Sanitation Minister Cecilia Dapaah has described as misleading claims by the office of the Special Prosecutor that she is involved in real estate business with aliases and also the bank accounts of his brother continue to transfer monies to her even after his death.

These are contained in an affidavit in opposition to the application for the confirmation of the re-seized GHc 2.83 million and the re-frozen bank accounts of Cecilia Dapaah.

The OSP filed the application after a court order previously denied a similar application. In this new application, the office of the special prosecutor outlined a number of points to buttress claims that the monies seized at Cecilia Dapaah’s home and the funds in her bank accounts are tainted properties.

On the reasons for deeming the monies in her bank accounts as tainted property, the office of the Special prosecutor claimed that there were suspicious transactions with her accounts. One of them was that Cecilia Dapaah operated an undisclosed real estate company under the alias name of Nana Yaa Ode.

But Cecilia Dapaah explained that the supposed Nana Yaa Ode is rather her mother.

‘That I have an undisclosed and undeclared real estate business when I have no real estate business and Applicant has not provided a scintilla of evidence that I do. That I concealed my identity by using aliases to sell the property to third parties when Applicant’s own Exhibit OSP16 shows that I rather sold the property in a representative capacity for Nana Yaa Ode. Nana Yaa Ode also known as Nana Ode Nyarko was my mother (now deceased).’ Cecilia Dapaah explained in her affidavit.

The office of the Special Prosecutor further revealed that the Bank account of Cecilia Dapaah’s brother continues to make transactions into her accounts. But the sanitation minister in her affidavit indicated that there is no truth in that claim. She explained that the monies were from Cal bank in the name of his late brother which were used to receive funeral donations.

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