Clemento Suarez Urges Ghanaian Talents to Quit Smoking

Comedian Clemento Suarez expresses concern over substance abuse in the creative community, urging young talents to prioritize their health.

Ghanaian comedian Clement Ashiteye, popularly known as Clemento Suarez, has voiced his worry about substance abuse within the creative community. Specifically, he highlighted the harmful effects of smoking on the lives of young individuals. In a recent social media post, Suarez expressed his heartfelt desire: “I wish above all things that Ghanaian talent stopped smoking.”

Within the Ghanaian creative sphere, it’s evident that many young talents are regular smokers, often relying on cigarettes or cannabis. The prevalence of smoking and alcohol abuse remains a pressing issue. However, the reasons behind these habits remain unclear.

Clemento Suarez’s plea is a reminder that the health and well-being of our talented individuals matter. Abusing substances can hinder creativity and overall productivity. As we strive for excellence, let’s also prioritize our physical and mental health.