Couple arrested for being”fully nude” – florida

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Florida couple charged with felonies after public sex: ‘It was always a dream of mine’

A Florida couple’s romantic adventures took a strange turn when they decided to do something “fully nude” on a Dunedin causeway. A witness said it was “crack to sack, going to town,” and it happened in full view of children and other people, which led to multiple 911 calls.

Sara Fazekas, 55, and Robert Clarke, 60, were caught in the act by sheriff’s deputies, laying “fully nude on top of one another,” according to reports. Clarke, relaxed about the situation, displayed “zero remorse” when apprehended, even suggesting that “the children should be at home and not on the causeway.”

However, the plot thickens as Fazekas admits to law enforcement that engaging in such a public tryst “was always a dream of mine.” The causeway, surrounded by water and offering breathtaking views of St. Joseph Sound, became an unexpected stage for the couple’s exhibitionist fantasy.

Fazekas, 55, and Clarke, 60, were “fully nude on top of one another,” in public. -The Messenger

Fazekas faced additional charges when deputies discovered Clonazepam pills in her possession during the arrest. Along with the exposure of sexual organs charge, she was hit with a felony narcotics charge but later released on a $2150 bond.

On the other hand, Clarke, a registered sex offender with a history of federal charges, was less cooperative. Charged with lewd and lascivious exhibition, a felony, he is currently held in the county jail with a $50,000 bond. A judge has ordered him to have no contact with children, a condition stemming from his previous legal entanglements.

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