DJ Azonto’s TGMA Outfit and Farewell to Crossdressing

DJ Azonto's VGMA Outfit and Farewell to Crossdressing

The recently concluded Telecel Ghana Music Awards (TGMAs) was a whole thing. While many artists turned heads with their sartorial choices, DJ Azonto’s nurse uniform with “$10 million Dr. Bawumia” written on it raised more than a few eyebrows.

It’s no secret that DJ Azonto has a penchant for unconventional outfits, but his appearance at the TGMAs carried a deeper meaning. In a surprising turn of events, the “Fa No Fom” artist announced that he was bidding farewell to crossdressing, a decision influenced by his mother’s advice.

“I came here to tell Ghanaians that I’ve stopped dressing like obaa (woman),”

DJ Azonto declared, addressing the audience. The nurse uniform, he explained, was a gesture to honor the medical professional who saved his life, marking the last time he would dress in traditionally feminine attire.

However, DJ Azonto’s statement didn’t end there. He took a swipe at ZionFelix, accusing him of falsely labeling him as bipolar. Interestingly, DJ Azonto claimed that ZionFelix’s assertion about having bipolar disorder had benefited him, leading to more endorsement deals and newfound success. It helped him land ten more cars and more deals. Azonto’s remarked, seemingly mocking the blogger’s alleged use of mental health as a publicity stunt.

Regardless of the polarizing reactions, one thing is clear: DJ Azonto’s presence at the TGMAs was a reminder that fashion and self-expression are not just about aesthetics but can also serve as powerful platforms for personal narratives and societal commentary.