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Empower Playgrounds Promotes Menstrual Hygiene Awareness in Ada East District Schools

In observance of Menstrual Hygiene Day, Empower Playgrounds Inc, a non-profit organization, with support from Freedom Kits of Yakima launched an initiative to promote menstrual awareness and hygiene among students in the Ada East District. 

On Tuesday, May 28th, 2024, over 200 students, parents, and officials from the district education office gathered at Obane D/A Basic school for an enlightening event.

Madam Peace Yeri, an education specialist, led an engaging session on the importance of personal hygiene during menstruation. She demonstrated the proper use of reusable menstrual kits, which were generously donated by Empower Playgrounds. 

“Menstrual hygiene is a critical aspect of our students’ health and well-being. It’s essential to educate them on how to manage their menstrual health effectively.” – Madam Peace Yeri, Education Specialist

Representatives from the Ada East district education office expressed their support for the initiative, emphasizing the significance of menstrual hygiene education. 

They encouraged corporate entities to emulate Empower Playgrounds’ initiative and provide additional support for such initiatives.

“We appreciate Empower Playgrounds’ efforts in promoting menstrual awareness and hygiene. We urge other organizations to support this initiative and help us create a healthier and more informed community.” – Representatives from Ada East district education office

Some students in an interview with this portal also expressed gratitude to Empower Playgrounds for the education.

They, however, used the opportunity to call on government, individuals and Ghanaians for support.

“I never knew how to properly use menstrual kits until today. Thank you, Empower Playgrounds, for educating us.” One student from Obane D/A Basic school student

Another also stated that, “I feel more confident now about managing my menstrual health. Thank you for this initiative.”

The students received approximately 100 reusable freedom kits of Yakima, a valuable resource menstrual kits for managing their menstrual health. The Freedom Kits include eight pads made of colorful flannel (no whites or pastels, to avoid the stigma that comes with bloodstains); two “moisture-barrier” guards made with polyurethane leak-proof fabric, in which the pads are inserted; two gallon-size reusable plastic freezer bags, in which girls can wash the pads using minimal water; and a colorful drawstring bag to hold all the materials.

The Kits also include a washcloth, a small bar of soap, two pairs of cotton briefs (the most expensive component) and a visual instruction sheet explaining the kits. It also helps women keep track of their periods.

Empower Playgrounds’ Menstrual Hygiene Initiative aims to create a safe and informed environment for students to manage their menstrual health. By promoting awareness and providing resources, the organization seeks to break down stigmas surrounding menstruation and empower young minds.