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Father Burns Private Part of Daughter With Cutlasses

45 Y/O Father Trying to Prevent Daughter From Engaging in Sexual Intercourse.

A 45-year-old father named Benyah Nyera Nda has been arrested by the Nsuaem Police in the Tarkwa-Nsuaem Municipality of the Western Region for allegedly burning his 15-year-old daughter’s private part with two hot cutlasses. The father, also known as ‘Rasta’, lived with his four children, including the victim, in a remote hamlet. The victim sells cassava in the market on a daily basis.

The father became concerned when his daughter would return home late from the market. He confronted her and accused her of having a boyfriend at the market. In response, he decided to inflict harm on her private part to prevent her from engaging in sexual intercourse with anyone. He tied her hands behind her back and heated the two cutlasses in a fire before inserting them into her private part.

On Tuesday, the father insisted that the victim accompany him to the farm. However, she managed to escape. Later, a woman working in the area found the victim in pain and heard her story. The woman reported the incident to the security man of her organization, who took the victim to the Nsuaem Government Hospital and informed the police.

The security man, Simon Enor, paid for the victim’s medical bills and recounted the incident to journalists. He also discovered that the father had fathered four children with four different women and was looking after them all by himself. Additionally, he learned that none of the children, including the victim, were attending school.

The police are currently investigating the case and considering handing over the children to an appropriate organization for their care.