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Ghana Bar Association Emphasizes Political Neutrality and Condemns Partisan Attacks

The President of the Ghana Bar Association, Yaw Acheampong Boafo, has made it clear that the association does not align itself with any political party and does not exist to promote any specific entity. Speaking at a press conference in Accra, he strongly condemned partisan attacks on the legal profession and the judiciary, stating that the association would resist any attempts to undermine the reputation of the judiciary and legal profession.

The press conference addressed various issues, including corruption, illegal mining, infrastructure deficits in public basic schools, partisan politics, indiscipline, and the use of intemperate language in the media. Yaw Acheampong Boafo emphasized that allowing politicians to use lawyers to denigrate the legal profession and the judiciary would be self-destructive and unproductive.

Regarding corruption, Boafo called for the swift passage of the Conduct of Public Officers’ Bill to promote accountability and integrity among public officers. He urged the government and parliament to work together to make this a reality, highlighting the prevalence of corruption at various levels of the public sector and social structure.

The President of the Ghana Bar Association also raised concerns about illegal mining (Galamsey), which he said was causing significant damage to the country’s forests, water bodies, and the livelihoods of many families. He called on the government, political leaders, and key stakeholders to show more determination and integrity in addressing this issue, emphasizing the need to combat the corrupt networks involved in illegal mining.

The Ghana Bar Association is committed to maintaining the integrity of the legal profession and ensuring the impartial administration of justice in the country.

Source: GhanaWeb

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