‘Ghana can host AFCON tournament with current facilities’ – Evans Opoku Bobie

Renovated stadiums and international aspirations take center stage.

Deputy Sports Minister Evans Opoku Bobie has unveiled Ghana’s bold plans to host the African Games and position the nation as a prime contender for the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON). Bobie’s recent statements shed light on Ghana’s commitment to upgrading its sports infrastructure, particularly stadiums, to meet global standards.

In emphasizing the magnitude of Ghana’s aspirations, Bobie rhetorically questioned, “If Ghana is hosting the African Games, which is the continent’s biggest competition, how much is AFCON?” This inquiry serves as a rallying call for Ghanaians to recognize the scale of their sporting ambitions and the resources required for such endeavors.

Bobie confidently stated, “When we finish renovating our numerous stadiums, Ghana will host the AFCON soon.” This assertion reflects Ghana’s proactive approach, indicating that significant developments are already in progress. The emphasis on the word “soon” suggests a sense of urgency in aligning facilities with international standards.

The comparison drawn by Bobie between the Accra Sports Stadium pitch and those used in AFCON 2023 provides tangible evidence of Ghana’s progress. He highlighted, “The Accra Sports Stadium pitch is currently at the same level as the stadiums used for the AFCON 2023.” This statement signifies Ghana’s commitment to not only aspiring to host AFCON but actively ensuring its facilities meet recent standards set by premier continental football competitions.

Deputy Sports Minister Evans Opoku Bobie’s recent remarks underscore Ghana’s ambitious vision for the future of its sports landscape. With a focus on upgrading stadiums and aligning with international standards, Ghana aims not only to showcase sporting excellence but also to emerge as a prominent host for major continental sporting events.

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