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Ghana National Fire Service to implement new enforcement measures for fire safety.

GNFS Emphasizes the Need for a Comprehensive Approach, Including Enforcement and Education.

The Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) has announced a new approach to fire safety that includes enforcement measures alongside traditional education. With 60 years of dedicated service, the GNFS believes that a combination of education and enforcement is essential to ensure public compliance with fire safety regulations.

In a recent announcement on HSTV, a representative of the GNFS emphasized that the service would be adopting a new strategy in the coming year. The representative stated, “Next year, the Ghana National Fire Service will be putting on a new clothes, a new clothes in the sense that we have been doing education for the past 60 years, and we believe it is high time we also did some form of enforcement so that our laws could bite.” The GNFS believes that relying solely on education without enforcement is insufficient and equated it to mere entertainment.

Underlining the importance of citizen participation, the representative urged individuals to take proactive measures to enhance their fire safety. They encouraged citizens to acquire portable fire extinguishers for their properties and learn how to effectively deploy them. The GNFS is set to launch a campaign encouraging citizens not only to obtain fire extinguishers but also to undergo free training provided by firemen at local fire stations.

“Why are we not taking advantage of this kind of training?” the representative questioned, emphasizing the significance of swift action. The GNFS believes that this combined approach of education and enforcement will significantly contribute to minimizing the impact of fires in the country.

As the GNFS prepares to unveil these enforcement measures, it signals a pivotal shift in their strategy towards a more hands-on approach to fire safety. With the call for citizens to actively participate in their own safety, the GNFS aims to create a community that is not only educated but also empowered to take effective action in the face of potential fire emergencies.

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