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Ghana – Sege shooting: Interior Minister dragged to Parliament

Parliament summons Interior Minister over shooting

The incident, which transpired as a result of a dispute between residents of Ada and the salt mining company Electrochem Ghana, occurred at Toflokpo.

It resulted in the loss of one life and left several others injured.

Following a statement by the Member of Parliament representing the affected area, condemning the incident, the First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Joseph Osei Owusu, declared that the Interior Minister must appear before the house during the first week of December to provide a detailed update.

During the briefing, the Interior Minister is expected to shed light on how the violence unfolded, the circumstances surrounding the incident, and the parties involved.

Clarity on whether the police, security personnel or the private company were responsible for firing into the crowd is among the key aspects to be addressed.

The First Deputy Speaker of Parliament stressed that: ‘After that briefing, if the Committee of Defence and Interior needs to investigate further, we will provide the appropriate direction.”

Source: ModernGhana

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