Ghana Theatre Festival 2023: Celebrating Ghana’s Culture and Talent Unveiled for September Kickoff

Ghana’s National Theatre is gearing up for the eagerly awaited Ghana Theatre Festival 2023, scheduled to commence on September 26 and conclude on October 1. Under the banner of “Celebrating Ghanaian culture and heritage through partnerships and linkages,” this year’s festival promises a vibrant showcase of artistic prowess and a celebration of the nation’s rich cultural tapestry.

The festival serves as a dynamic platform for various artists and performing groups across Ghana to display their creativity and enhance their theatrical production skills. It aims to provide quality theatrical experiences at an affordable cost, nurturing a dedicated audience for National Theatre events.

An exciting lineup awaits festival-goers, featuring a Theatre program for schools with the captivating “Son of Umbelle,” a dazzling fashion show, gripping film screenings, side-splitting Standup Comedy, compelling dramas, and an art exhibition displaying authentic Ghanaian artifacts and locally-made products.

One of the festival’s unique highlights is “GHROBICS,” a fusion of aerobic exercises with traditional dances, accompanied by invigorating drumming and music, promising a holistic physical workout and a deeper connection to traditional dance and movement.

The grand inauguration on September 29 will feature “Efu PƆnkƆ,” a performance starring all three of the National Theatre’s resident groups: the National Dance Company, National Symphony Orchestra, and National Drama Company.

Joining the festival’s vibrant tapestry of talent are a range of participating groups, including Agape Arts Production, 2 idiots production, the Department of Fashion Design and Textiles (Accra Technical University), Ghana Academy of Films and Television Arts, EN Academy, Addis Dance, 2 Cute Entertainment, Robdy’s Production, and the Visual Arts Students Empowerment Project.

Joyce Bekoe, the Public Relations Officer of the National Theatre, emphasized the festival’s mission to promote positive national values and underscored its role in advancing the performing arts in Ghana.

The Ghana Theatre Festival 2023 promises an extraordinary celebration of culture, heritage, and the arts, uniting the nation through the power of creativity and performance.

Source: graphiconline