Ghanaian Celebrity Michy Prefers Soccer Over Music for Son’s Future, Citing Discipline and Financial Reasons 

Ghanaian Artist and TV Presenter, Michy, Voices Concerns Over Lack of Discipline in Entertainment Industry; Favors Soccer Career for Son

In a recent appearance on the Asempa Showbiz Review, renowned Ghanaian artist and TV presenter Michy opened up about her reservations regarding the lack of discipline prevailing in the country’s entertainment industry. Michy, who is also the ex-partner of popular musician Shatta Wale, expressed her reluctance to support her son’s potential entry into the music world due to these concerns.

Michy, whose real name is Diamond Michelle Gbagonah, highlighted the disheartening absence of discipline within the entertainment sector and its associated vices. She conveyed her preference for her son, Majesty, to pursue a career in soccer instead of music. According to Michy, soccer offers a more structured environment and significantly higher financial prospects compared to the music industry in Ghana.

During the interview, Michy was asked about her stance on allowing her son to venture into music. She responded emphatically, saying, “No no no, he should go and play ball. $200,000 a week is not small money oo.” She emphasized the importance of financial stability and the contrasting discipline prevalent in the football world. Michy further explained that the entertainment business is plagued by various vices, and she is hesitant to expose her son to such an environment.

While Michy acknowledged Majesty’s natural inclination towards music, including his interest in playing the piano and understanding beats and rhythms, she underscored her preference for him to pursue soccer. She described her son as a remarkable young boy, particularly in his interactions with others, and expressed her belief in his potential for success on the soccer field.

Michy’s sentiments have sparked discussions within the entertainment industry and among fans. Her perspective on the pros and cons of pursuing music versus a soccer career has shed light on the challenges that aspiring artists face and the perceived advantages of the sports sector. As Michy continues to share her insights and experiences, her stance on encouraging her son to embrace soccer over music serves as a thought-provoking topic in Ghana’s entertainment landscape.

Source: nkonkonsa.com