Ghanaian football fans receive $400 compensation each after threatening to return home.

Officials respond to aggrieved supporters threatening to return home.

In response to the discontent among Ghanaian football supporters attending the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) in Ivory Coast, officials have reportedly compensated over 300 fans with a payment of $400 each. The supporters had expressed frustration over the lack of coordination and support from the organizing bodies, leading to threats of returning home.

According to a report by Citi Sports, the payment was made after officials met with the aggrieved supporters to address their concerns. The fans, feeling neglected upon arriving in Ivory Coast to support the Black Stars, were compensated to ensure their continued support for the national team.

A journalist, speaking on condition of anonymity, shared insights into the situation, stating, “There is good news. Yesterday after the story broke, around midnight, in fact, most of us here went to sleep before the officials came, and they came to call us and they gave us what we were due.”

The compensation, amounting to $400 per supporter, was intended to alleviate the supporters’ dissatisfaction. However, uncertainty remains regarding whether this amount covers the entire tournament.

The Black Stars faced a disappointing defeat in their opening game against Cape Verde in the 2023 AFCON. The lackluster performance and subsequent loss prompted concerns among supporters. The compensation gesture is seen as an effort to maintain the fans’ morale and engagement as Ghana prepares for its upcoming matches, including a crucial encounter against Egypt.

The incident underscores the importance of effective coordination and communication between organizing bodies and supporters during major sporting events, emphasizing the need for transparency and responsiveness to fan concerns.