Ghana’s Amputee Football Team Cries Out for Support Despite Winning Trophies

Ghana’s National Amputee Team, fresh from their triumphant win at the 1st African Para Games in Accra, is crying out for support and compensation from the government.

Despite their impressive performance, the team has yet to receive adequate bonuses and support, affecting their motivation and ability to perform at their best.

The team’s plight was highlighted during a visit from Ghana’s Ambassador to Egypt, Lt. Gen. Obed Boamah Akwah (Rtd), who showed his support and solidarity with the team ahead of their quarter-final clash against Tanzania. The Ambassador, representing President Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo Addo, urged the team to focus on winning the final match, emphasizing the significance of their victory for the nation.

Captain Richard Arthur Opentil expressed gratitude to the Ambassador but raised concerns about the team’s conditions. “Despite winning two trophies for Ghana, we have yet to be adequately compensated. This lack of support from the government has affected our motivation and our ability to perform at our best for Ghana,” he lamented.

The players cited the example of the Angolan team, which received envelopes with cash incentives, while they didn’t even have water to share. “We are disappointed in the government,” Opentil said. “But we are motivated and work to honor the President of the NPC Ghana and the African Paralympic Committee, Mr. Samson Deen, as he has provided all our needs with the support of the Amputee Football chairman, Mr. Foster Kwarteng.”

The Ambassador’s visit and cash donation of USD 1000 have boosted the team’s morale and confidence, but the players are still seeking adequate support and compensation from the government. As they prepare to take on Egypt’s formidable football clubs, the team is calling on the government to recognize their achievements and provide the necessary support to help them excel.