GMMA President gives high marks to Ghana for successful organization of MMA at 13th African Games

Mr. Alexander Engelhardt, President of the Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts (GAMMA) has congratulated the Ghana Mixed Martial Arts Association, LOC of the 13th African Games and the people of Ghana for the successful staging of the event which MMA stood to the test and produced new champions.

Mixed Martial Arts was added to the 13th African Games in Accra and Ghana claimed a total of nine medals one gold by Perpetual Obodai, three silver and five bronze medals in an existing display at the Bukom Boxing Arena.

He disclosed visiting Ghana on three occasions for meetings on the Games and loves the hospitality. “I have not gone out to see Accra well, like the tourists site, but I love what I saw tonight with the children dancing and everyone happy” he expressed.

Mr. Jeff Taylor, President of Ghana Mixed Martial Arts Association said the tournament was very important for the recognition of the sports. He noted that Ghana has benefited and showed that it is possible.

He expressed lack of financial support, hoping that the government and authorities on sports as well as the corporate entities would invest in MMA.

Vice President of the Ghana MMA, Mr. Kwab Asamoah described his team as the best and most decorated at the moment.

He inspired the players to be focused and train for more experiences coming up.

Present at the cheerful arena was Major General Ahmed Nasser of the Technical Committee of the African Games.

Nigeria dominated the ring with 12 medals in the Mixed Martial Arts, but had it tough against candidates from Burkina Faso, Togo Mauritius, Ivory Coast and Ghana.

From Sammy Heywood Okine

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