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Hon. Lord Boam’s Independence Quiz Competition a Resounding Success in Pru East Constituency

The competition, which was held in collaboration with the Ghana Education Service (GES) in Pru East District, aimed to promote education and academic excellence in the constituency. It featured schools from different circuits, with two schools from each circuit qualifying for the semi-finals and five schools advancing to the finals. The subject areas included English, Mathematics, Science, and Current Affairs.

The event was a resounding success, with participating schools showcasing their knowledge and skills. Hon. Lord Boam presented special awards to the best three schools as part of the Independence Day celebration, recognizing their achievements and encouraging them to continue striving for excellence.

The successful completion of the quiz competition demonstrates Hon. Lord Boam’s commitment to supporting education in his constituency. His initiatives have made a positive impact on the academic community, and his efforts are expected to continue benefiting the students and schools in the Pru East Constituency.

Twenty-five schools from the Pru East Constituency participated in the competition, including Yeji Demonstration JHS, Konkoma JHS, Isthifamiyya Islamic JHS, and others.

The event successfully promoted education and academic excellence in the constituency, encouraging healthy competition among schools and showcasing the knowledge and skills of participating students.

Yeji Pentecost Preparatory JHS took the first position with Royal Educational Complex JHS and Yeji R/C JHS picking the second and third spots respectively.

School bags, books,pens and other educational materials branded in the name of Lord Boam were given to the final 5 school participants. 

Hon. Boam also presented Amazon Fire Candle Tablet( A Tablet loaded with syllabus from JHS 1 to SHS 3) to the best student who answered most of the questions. 

A trophy,Jersey, Football and cash prize were also presented to the final schools.

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