KiDi and Camidoh Set to Rock Guinness Accravaganza Debut in Accra

Lynx Entertainment’s KiDi and the ‘Sugarcane’ sensation Camidoh are gearing up to electrify the crowd at the inaugural Guinness Accravaganza event, scheduled for this Saturday, September 30, at The Untamed Empire on Spintex Road, Accra.

Guinness Ghana, the event’s organizer, has also announced a star-studded lineup featuring Afropop twin sisters Lali X Lola, Niashun, Lynx prodigy, and Maya Blu, promising a night filled with entertainment and creativity.

The theme of this maiden edition, “Black Shines Brightest,” underscores Guinness’ core values. The chosen artists are tasked with showcasing their creative prowess through an extensive repertoire of hits, including KiDi’s chart-toppers like ‘Enjoyment’ and Camidoh’s recent release ‘Likor.’

With DJ Lord spinning non-stop tunes, Kojo Manuel as the charismatic MC, and the captivating mixes from the Blac Volta Sound System, Guinness Accravaganza is poised to become an unforgettable event.

But this extravaganza goes beyond music, offering various experiences from art installations to playful booths for soccer enthusiasts, featuring live screenings of top matches such as the EPL clash between Liverpool and Tottenham and the highly anticipated match between Manchester United and Crystal Palace.

The gates will swing open at noon, inviting fans to immerse themselves in a multi-artsy sensory adventure blending art, fashion, and vibrant vibes. Guinness Accravaganza is set to be an epic day worth anticipating.

Source: graphiconline

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