KiDi Breaks His Silence on Fake ‘Stroke’ Rumors – Reveals His Initial Desire to Sue

Multi-talented musician KiDi recently bared his soul in an exclusive interview on Daybreak Hitz at Hitz FM, where he spoke candidly about the distressing experience he endured when fake rumors about him suffering from a stroke surfaced during a period of ill health.

In the emotional conversation, KiDi expressed his frustration and disbelief at how the baseless rumors spread like wildfire across social media and various platforms. The false news not only affected him personally but also caused unnecessary worry and concern for his family, friends, and the brands he collaborates with.

Recalling the moment he first learned about the rumors, KiDi revealed the overwhelming number of concerned calls he received, including one from his own mother. The ordeal left him feeling uneasy and angered by the audacity of those who would exploit such situations for their gain.

Feeling the need to take a stand against the malicious bloggers responsible, KiDi confided in Lynx Entertainment CEO, Richie, questioning the repeated occurrence of such damaging stories. The singer expressed his belief that certain individuals were taking advantage of these situations to benefit themselves and that there should be consequences for their actions.

Discussing the way forward, KiDi and his team initially contemplated pursuing legal action against the spreaders of false information. However, after thoughtful deliberation, they decided against it, opting instead to address the issue responsibly and positively.

The rumors began to circulate in February when KiDi was forced to cancel his highly anticipated North American tour scheduled for March 2023 due to undisclosed health concerns. Unfortunately, the lack of specific details led to rampant speculation, with some claiming he had suffered a stroke. Richie Mensah from Lynx Entertainment promptly debunked these claims, emphasizing that they were nothing more than clickbait and unsubstantiated gossip.

Through this challenging experience, KiDi demonstrated his strength and resilience in the face of adversity. Despite his initial desire to pursue legal action, he and his team chose a path of grace, focusing on the truth and moving forward positively. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the negative impact false news can have on an individual’s life and the importance of responsible journalism and social media behavior within the entertainment industry.

source: pulseghana