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Kofi Kinaata Calls for Urgent Development in Takoradi to Secure Youth’s Future

Kofi Kinaata Calls for Development in Takoradi

Highlife Artiste Highlights Lack of Resources and Opportunities in Hometown

Ghanaian highlife artiste Kofi Kinaata has voiced his concerns about the inadequate resources and opportunities in his hometown of Takoradi and its environs in the Western Region of Ghana. In a candid discussion on Accra-based Asempa FM’s Ekosii Sen program, the ‘Susuka’ hitmaker highlighted the disparity between allocated resources and actual development in the area.

Kinaata expressed frustration over the widespread perception that Takoradi is thriving, stating, “People outside Takoradi don’t know what’s really going on. They look at the place and think things are okay with us, but that is not the case. The youth in those areas have all left. It’s left with just the elderly and the children because they do not see any future in those areas.”

He emphasized the mass migration of young people from Takoradi in search of better opportunities elsewhere due to the lack of development and limited prospects in the region. “The resources being sent to these places and the level of development I’m seeing do not match,” he lamented.

Kinaata also pointed out the absence of proper venues for artistic performances in Takoradi, adding, “Even as a musician, if I want to host a show, there are no proper theatres or event centres. It’s sad.”

The highlife artiste urged the government and policymakers to prioritize creating opportunities and infrastructure that would enable the youth to thrive and contribute to their community’s growth. He called for investment in education, vocational training, and job creation initiatives to empower the youth and prevent them from leaving in search of better prospects.

As the conversation around the future of Takoradi continues, Kofi Kinaata’s comments shed light on the urgent need for development and investment to secure a brighter future for the youth in the region.

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