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Korle Bu – Mental Health Ward nurse exposed by for inappropriate touching.

Abena Korkor took to social media to share her traumatic experience and bring attention to the issue of sexual harassment in healthcare system. In her revelation, she shed light on a nurse’s inappropriate behaviour towards her, highlighting the urgent need for accountability and ensuring the safety of patients in such circumstances. 

“In the process of massaging me, this male nurse inserted his hands in my v****a. I reported it to another nurse.. Up til now, this nurse is still attending to mental health patients at Kole Bu Ward M.”

She called out some of the directors, saying, “Some of your nurses abuse your patience, that’s why we don’t come, that’s why I don’t come for review”.  

Abena Korkor’s disclosure sheds light on a larger issue within the healthcare system, addressing and preventing instances of misconduct. It is essential for hospitals and mental health facilities to prioritize patient safety and hold their staff accountable for their actions.

“If the people who’re supposed to take care of us take advantage of us, how will mental health and patience go to the hospital?” 

Raising concerns about the trust and confidence that patients may have in seeking necessary medical attention.  This issue not only affects the individuals directly involved but also has the potential to discourage others from seeking the help they need. 

The question is: without strong protocols and training, what ensures patient safety, and how do they gain professionalism among these staff?  

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