Lord Boam’s Vision for Unity Takes Center Stage at Sallah Games

Hon. Emmanuel Kwaku Boam (Lord Boam), the NDC Parliamentary Candidate for Pru East Constituency, has organized a series of events aimed at fostering unity among constituents. One such event is the “Lord Boam Inter-Tribal Sallah Games,” which brought together thousands of people from 19 tribes to cheer on their teams in a friendly competition.

The games were divided into two zones: Parambo and Yeji. In the Parambo Zone, eight bases participated in indoor games, with the “American Base Boys” emerging as winners. All participants received awards.

 Additionally, 12 tribes participated in the football game, with Chumburu’s tribe defeating Dagomba’s tribe in the finals. The winning team received a cash prize, jerseys, a football, and a trophy, while all participating tribes received awards.

In the Yeji Zone, 19 tribes formed teams and competed in the games. The teams included Grusi, Chumburu, Dagomba, Kotokoli, Konkomba, Mosi, Busanga, Chokorsi, Hausa, Battor (Ewe), Songai, Zambrama, Fante, Dargatri, Ada, Fulani, Mamprusi, Frafra, and Gonja. 

After a thrilling competition, Gonja emerged as the winner, taking home the trophy and wonderful prizes. All 19 participating teams received awards.

The event was graced by the presence of scouting teams, who identified talented players for future opportunities. 

The Honorable PC has promised another game with a full cow as an award for the winners. Chiefs and opinion leaders from all tribes were present throughout the games, praising Lord Boam for his commendable initiative in bringing everyone together. 

The organizing committee and NDC executives did a wonderful job ensuring the program’s success. Lord Boam received applause from the youths, who encouraged him to continue organizing more activities to promote their talents as he becomes MP soon.

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