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Maiden AFLAG FemmeImpact Conference end successfully in Accra

The Advocate for Fair Legal Access Ghana, AFLAG, a human rights organisation that specializes in the provision of economic, Social and Legal support. On Thursday, 16th November, 2023, AFLAG successfully held its maiden FemmeImpact Conference in Accra at the GIMPA Law Faculty Moot Court.

The event organized was on the theme, “Uplifting Women, Breaking Barriers and Building Connections,”. The conference attracted top women personalities and gender advocates across the country.

With focus on promoting and advocating the well-being of women, the event saw an in-depth panel discussions on three major issues.

These include the Health rights of women in Ghana; challenges and opportunities, The Rule of Law and Access to Justice for women in Ghana and Advancing the Socio-economic Rights of Women; The role of formal and informal education.

Oheneyere Gifty Anti, an advocate for women and decorated feminist in her address encouraged women to stand up for their right.

She stated that women play vital and critical roles in the development of a society, hence, the importance to provide the needed platforms.

She, however, commended AFLAG for the measures put in place to promote, educate and acknowledge roles played by women in the various societies across the country.

“This initiative by AFLAG led by Ama Nupe Demuyakor is a great one and needs all the maximum support and push. I want to appreciate what you are doing to make women more attractive across the country. I will continue to support your objectives and missions.”

Ama Nupe Demuyakor, founder of AFLAG in a statement mentioned that, “It is essential to recognize that the barriers faced by women are not uniform; they are shaped by the intersections of their identities. Which is why I believe that an intersectional feminist approach is fundamental to unraveling the intricate challenges faced by women and children in education, legal representation, and health.

She added, “As we gather here today, we acknowledge that women from different backgrounds experience distinct forms of oppression and privilege. Intersectional feminism reminds us that our efforts for justice and equality must consider and address the intersecting factors that shape individuals’ experiences.

According to her, the annual event would serve as a platform for inclusiveness and collaborations.

“As we embark on this journey together, let us remember that our conference is not just an event but a call to action. It is a commitment to fostering collaborations, creating platforms for networking and knowledge sharing, and, most importantly, inspiring transformative change through a concerted effort of all key stakeholders.” 

She reiterated the need for effective engagement with women industry players to ensure positive impact.

“As we engage in discussions, and collaborative endeavors, let us not lose sight of the profound impact that our combined efforts can have on the world around us. The call to action resonates not only within the confines of this event but reverberates far beyond, influencing the communities we serve, the industries we represent, and the global landscape we collectively shape.” Ama Nupe Demuyakor, the founder of AFLAG added.

The event witnessed the attendance of high profiled women lawyers, phycologists, medical practitioners, philanthropists, students among others.

The Keynote Speaker of the conference was Dr. Mrs. Victoria Kunbour, the first female Registrar of GIMPA. 

Her role as the keynote speaker was significant to the theme of the conference as she broke the barrier and became the first female Registrar of the noble academic institution. 

The conference is not just an event but a movement by AFLAG which is here to stay.

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