Man Arrested for Sexually Assaulting Drinking Water Tap in Japanese Park

Bizarre Incident Leads to Public Indecency and Property Damage Charges.

In a strange and disturbing incident in a park in Tokyo’s Setagaya district, a 56-year-old man was arrested for allegedly rubbing his rear against a drinking water tap. The incident occurred around 2:20 am on April 1, and the man admitted to the charge, stating that he did it to satisfy his sexual desire.

Shortly after, the man was caught by an officer riding a bike naked from the hip down. Police initially arrested him for public indecency after finding a picture on his phone showing him naked in the park. However, upon discovering a picture of him rubbing his anus on the tap, he was re-arrested for property damage.

The man reportedly took the pictures after using binoculars to ensure no one was nearby. The park has since cordoned off the water tap and plans to replace it. The man’s behavior has been described as bizarre, and he told police that he rubbed the tap with his bum to satisfy his sexual desire.