Man declared dead “comes back to life” after ambulance hits pothole.

Family hails incident as a miracle and hopes for speedy recovery.

An 80-year-old man, Darshan Singh Brar, who was declared dead by doctors, seemingly “came back to life” after the ambulance transporting his body hit a pothole in Haryana. Brar was being transported from Patiala to his home in Karnal for his last rites when the incident occurred. His grandson, who was accompanying him, noticed movement and a heartbeat, prompting the ambulance driver to head to the nearest hospital.

The heart patient is now undergoing treatment at a hospital in Karnal. CC: NDTV

Brar, who had been admitted to the hospital in a critical condition and was on a ventilator for four days, was declared dead by doctors after his heartbeat had stopped. The family had informed relatives and gathered for his funeral, with arrangements made for cremation. However, the unexpected turn of events on the way to the cremation ground led to Brar being taken to a hospital, where doctors confirmed he was alive and breathing.

The family has hailed the incident as a miracle and is now hoping for Brar’s speedy recovery. While doctors at Rawal Hospital in Haryana confirmed his vital signs, they also noted that he remains critical and is currently in the ICU. The cause of the initial declaration of death is yet to be determined.

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