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National Commission for Civic Education urges active voter participation in district-level elections

Dr. Imurana Mohammed Advocates for Vibrant Democracy Through Civic Engagement

The Director of Programmes at the National Commission for Civic Education, Dr. Imurana Mohammed has called on eligible voters to participate in this year’s District Level Elections. He said this during a routine media engagement at Maraba FM in Accra. Dr. Imurana emphasized the importance of active citizenry in the democratic process.

Dr. Imurana Mohammed, the esteemed Director of Programmes at the National Commission for Civic Education, has passionately urged all eligible voters to actively engage in the upcoming district-level ections. With the aim of fostering a vibrant democratic society, he emphasises the significance of citizens exercising their right to vote and making their voices heard. 

As the Director of Programmes, Dr. Mohammed is well-versed in the importance of civic education and its role in shaping a responsible and engaged citizenry. He recognises that the district-level elections serve as a crucial platform for individuals to directly participate in local governance and contribute to the decision-making processes that impact their communities. Dr. Mohammed’s call to action comes at a time when the nation is gearing up for these pivotal elections. 

During a routine media engagement at Maraba FM in Accra, he encouraged eligible voters to take part. He hopes to inspire a sense of civic duty and responsibility among the populace. He highlights that every vote counts and that the collective participation of citizens can bring about positive change and development at the grassroots level. Furthermore, Dr. Mohammed stresses that the district-level elections offer an opportunity for individuals to elect competent and dedicated representatives who will champion their interests and work towards the betterment of their communities.

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