Newborn’s Grumpy Expressions Go Viral in Photo Shoot

Newborn's Grumpy Expressions Go Viral in Photo Shoot

If ‘WTF’ was a baby……..

A newborn baby’s photo shoot in Cincinnati, Ohio, went viral after the photographer shared photos of the baby’s hilarious grumpy expression online. The infant, Trent, was only 7 days old when his mom, Jessica Mundy, took him for a photo shoot with photographer Lauren Carson earlier this month.

In an interview, Carson shared that the photo shoot began as a pretty typical newborn shoot.

“Mom brought the baby in and he was wide awake at the very beginning,” Carson explained. “So we went ahead and swaddled him up and got them ready… we put them down and just kind of went with it.”

Carson explained how Trent posed for the camera, saying, “And he started making those faces and [I] just started capturing them as they came. I was trying to capture all the expressions that I can with newborns because they can be kind of unpredictable sometimes.”

In contrast to what was captured in the images, Carson said Trent was not grumpy during the photo shoot. “He was perfectly content,” she explained. “He wasn’t fussy. He wasn’t making any crying noises or indicating that he was uncomfortable or upset. He was making faces at us… he was like a great baby.”

Throughout her experience as a photographer for the newborns, Carson told “GMA,” as far as expressions go, Trent was a “much more expressive” baby than she had ever worked with before.

“I’ve gotten lots of expressions over the years and smiles and, you know, awkward faces and things like that, but none that were as consistent as him, especially with the same with eye contact,” she added. “He had fantastic eye contact along with expressions.”

When Trent began making his expressions during the photo shoot, Carson said she and Trent’s mom started laughing, adding that Mundy told her the facial expressions were common for the infant. “He has made those faces before,” Carson recalled Mundy telling her.

Even though baby Trent looked like he dropped his little briefcase and was already done with the whole day, this little man has won the hearts of many people on the internet with his grumpy look. We can’t wait to see him recreate these when he gets older.

All images from Drawing In Light Photography