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Ola Micheal Criticizes Adjetey Anang’s Memoir, Insists Cheating Involves Sex.

In a recent interview on UTV’s Showbiz Night, Independent filmmaker and Events Producer, Ola Michael, has lashed out at actor Adjetey Anang for his revelations about cheating in his newly released memoir. The ‘thing we do for Love’ actor had disclosed having extramarital affairs, triggering widespread online discussions and criticism from the public.

Ola Michael vehemently disagrees with Adjetey Anang’s explanation in his book, asserting that not all cheating can be divorced from the notion of sexual involvement. He emphasized that the actor’s attempt to reframe the narrative is misguided, as people are now more enlightened and informed when it comes to relationships and their complexities.

Addressing the actor’s intentions behind writing the memoir, Ola Michael accused him of trying to downplay the severity of his actions by asserting that the affairs didn’t involve sex. According to Michael, cheating is a breach of trust and commitment, regardless of whether it includes physical intimacy or not.

While acknowledging that people make mistakes and learn from them, Ola Michael urged Adjetey Anang to take responsibility for his actions and not attempt to manipulate the narrative to suit his desires. He also distinguished open relationships, where both partners consent to involving external parties, from committed bonds, which, when violated, constitute cheating.

As the debate around Adjetey Anang’s memoir continues to gain momentum, it remains evident that the issue of infidelity and its various nuances remains a hot topic for public discourse.

source: UTV Showbiz

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