Passenger claims airlines offer ‘imported dog food’ to customers.

‘Imported dog food’ as a meal option in business class 

So, get this: you are on an Asian airline, time for dinner, and the flight attendant gets you a menu, but instead of the usual options like rice, chicken, or pasta, you notice a peculiar item listed as “imported dog food.”

This is what happened to Conard Wu, a Facebook user who was travelling with China Eastern Airlines, who took to social media to share his unusual dining experience. 

Wu posted a photo of the menu, expressing his surprise and disbelief at the inclusion of “imported dog food” as an appetizer option. The photo carried the caption, “China Eastern Airlines business class menu, what exactly is it?” 

The post quickly went viral, with many users expressing their shock and questioning the airline’s decision to offer dog food as a meal option. 

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