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Pat Thomas Extends Invitations To Ex-President Kufuor For “Pat Thomas Highlife Night” Concert On August 4th

In a heartwarming encounter, renowned Highlife musician, Pat Thomas, paid a visit to the residence of former President John Agyekum Kufuor in Shiashie, Accra, to extend a special invitation to the upcoming “Pat Thomas Highlife Night” concert. During the meeting, the musical maestro conveyed the invitation personally to the esteemed former President, who warmly received the gesture.

Scheduled to take place on August 4, 2023, at the esteemed Accra International Conference Centre (AICC), the “Pat Thomas Highlife Night” concert promises an unforgettable experience for music enthusiasts. Acknowledging the significance of supporting the next generation of Ghanaian musicians, Pat Thomas shared his vision for the event with the ex-President.

In an inspiring show of support for the Ghanaian music industry, the Former President expressed his delight and honor at the invitation, eagerly agreeing to attend the event. He also took the opportunity to commend Pat Thomas for his invaluable contributions to the preservation and advancement of Ghanaian music.

The highly-anticipated concert will showcase exceptional performances by some of Ghana’s most celebrated highlife musicians, including the talented Kuami Eugene, the charismatic KK Fosu, and the soulful Kwabena Kwabena, among several other luminaries from the genre. The event promises an evening of timeless melodies and rhythmic beats that capture the essence of Ghana’s rich musical heritage.

The “Pat Thomas Highlife Night” concert is expected to draw a diverse audience, bringing together music aficionados and enthusiasts alike to revel in the beauty of highlife music. As one of Ghana’s most iconic musicians, Pat Thomas is determined to create an unforgettable musical experience that resonates with audiences for years to come.

With the support and presence of former President Kufuor, the event is set to receive an extra touch of prestige and admiration. Pat Thomas and his fellow performers are looking forward to this grand celebration of highlife music, and the concert is poised to leave an indelible mark on the cultural landscape of Ghana.

As the concert date approaches, excitement continues to build among fans, eagerly anticipating an enchanting night filled with melodies that have withstood the test of time. The “Pat Thomas Highlife Night” concert is poised to be a spectacular tribute to Ghanaian musical heritage, bridging the past and present in a harmonious celebration of unity through music.

source: citinews room