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Rivalry intensifies as national broadcaster and satellite TV giant exchange jabs.

Twitter Banter Heats Up Between GTV and DSTV Ghana Over Afcon Broadcast Rights

The clash between DSTV Ghana and GTV Ghana over broadcasting rights for the African Cup of Nations (AFCON) has sent shockwaves through social media. It all began when DSTV declared they wouldn’t air AFCON matches, prompting GTV Ghana to swiftly announce that they would broadcast the tournament free-to-air, emphasizing the unnecessary expense of paying for what could be enjoyed at no cost. This move by GTV resonated with many, igniting a heated debate online.

After a six-day standoff, DSTV reversed its decision, announcing that they would indeed broadcast AFCON, adding a twist by promising HD quality. The statement included a subtle jab, urging viewers not to settle for subpar images – a clear reference to GTV. Unfazed, GTV fired back with a shade-laden response, ensuring the online feud continued unabated.

This clash underscores the changing landscape of television broadcasting, where satellite TV giants like DSTV face challenges from free-to-air alternatives. As the tech-savvy audience closely follows the saga, it remains to be seen how this showdown will impact the dynamics of broadcasting and consumer choices in Ghana’s media landscape.

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