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Seidu Rafiwu Completes Record-Breaking Walk: Sets Sights on Guinness World Record

Seidu Rafiwu Achieves Milestone Journey from Techiman to Accra.

Seidu Rafiwu, a determined young Ghanaian, has accomplished an incredible feat by completing the Guinness World Records contender for the longest individual walk. His journey, spanning 383 kilometers, concluded at the Independence Square in Accra, marking a monumental achievement.

The arduous trek commenced on Saturday, April 27, and unfolded over 96 hours, showcasing Rafiwu’s endurance and dedication as he traversed from Techiman to Accra. The final leg of his record-setting endeavor culminated at the historic Independence Square in Osu, Accra.

In a moment of triumph, Rafiwu took to social media just before noon to express gratitude, stating, “Alhamdulillah, finally we made it. A big thanks to everyone who helped made this a reality,” signaling the successful conclusion of his ambitious walkathon attempt.

Rafiwu’s pursuit of the Guinness World Record was not without its challenges and controversies. Early reports surfaced of him being rushed to the hospital due to exhaustion, casting doubt on the feasibility of his endeavor. However, Rafiwu promptly dispelled these rumors, clarifying that a viral video depicting him receiving medical attention in an ambulance was part of his planned recovery regimen orchestrated by his medical team.

With this remarkable accomplishment under his belt, Seidu Rafiwu stands poised to enter the annals of history, showcasing the power of perseverance and determination in reaching extraordinary milestones.

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