“Shove your opionions up your a..” – Kwasi Arthur tells critics

Fans criticised Kwesi Arthur for his performance at the recently concluded Davido-presented A.W.A.Y. Festival in Atlanta, and he isn’t taking their comments easy.

The internet is not taking it easy on him, as many fans expressed disappointment with Kwesi Arthur’s performance, criticising his lack of energy and stage presence. The tempo of his performance has been criticised a lot.

People are still on the “We want Kwesi Arthur back” kick, hoping that he will redeem himself in future performances and showcase the talent they know he possesses. Despite the criticism, some fans are still showing support and believe that everyone has off days, urging him to be himself. 

The “shove your opinions up your a$s” comment came in when Kwesi Arthur responded to the criticism, saying if there were two people in the arena, he would have still performed. This response from him sparked further controversy among fans and critics. While some admired his confidence and determination, others felt that his comment was disrespectful and that wasn’t the ‘old’ Kwesi Arthur they knew. 

Despite the controversy, Kwesi Arthur’s loyal fan base continues to stand by him, supporting him and defending his actions.