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Stop impeding judges’ work …Justice Dotse to chiefs

A Retired Supreme Court Judge, Justice Jones Dotse, has called on Ghanaians particularly chiefs not to interfere with the work of judges but rather allow them to do what they have been committed to doing over the years.

Justice Dotse said the work of judges was a difficult one, which needed not to be obstructed in order to allow judges to have peace of mind to administer justice but some people tried at all cost to impede the work of judg­es which should be stopped.

The former Supreme Court Judge made the call at a durbar of chiefs and people of Abutia Court at Abutia-Teti in the Ho- West District of the Volta Region in honour of Justice Ernest Yao Gaewu, a justice of the Supreme Court.

Justice Dotse said it was im­portant for the chiefs and people of Abutia in particular and the chiefs and people of the Volta Region in general to support the only Supreme Court Judge from the Volta Region in order to ensure that he succeeded.

He stressed that he trusted and had confidence in Justice Gaewu to deliver at the apex court be­cause he proved beyond reason­able doubt as a competent judge, and said the only thing the chiefs and people of the Volta Region could do to support him was to pray for him.

The celebrant, Justice Gaewu thanked Justice Dotse for the mentorship role he played in his life, and also commended the chiefs and people of Abutia for the honour done him and assured them that he would work to maintain the high standard at the Supreme Court in the discharge of his duties.

Justice Gaewu asked the youth to be focused in their chosen pro­fession, be disciplined and work hard in order to achieve success, and added that with determina­tion, they could become whatever they wished for themselves.

He said it was important for Ghanaians to change their attitudes towards judges because their actions and inactions in the administration of justice aimed at corrupting judges should stop to allow judges to freely do their work.

According to Justice Gaewu, the law remained supreme in ad­ministration of justice, therefore when cases were tried at the law courts and did not go in favour of one party, the judge should not be blamed for passing judgement in which a party won the case.

He also advised that not all cases should be brought before the Court, and that parties could settle disputes through the Alter­native Dispute Resolution Mech­anism (ADRM) to promote peace and unity between parties and to ensure harmony in communities.

The Member of Parliament (MP) for Ho West, Mr Emman­uel Kwasi Bedzrah, commended Justice Gaewu for the position, which he said did not only bring honour to the constituency but also the entire region and prom­ised on behalf of Volta MPs to support him because the judiciary and Parliament work together to promote development.

The Paramount Chief of the Abutia Traditional Area and President of Abutia Traditional Council, Togbega Abutia Kodzo Gidi V, said His Lordship Justice Gaewu had brought honour to the chiefs and people of Abutia, and said his achievement would serve as an inspiration to the youth who would see him as a mentor and made them to strive hard to become successful in life.


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