The media should control its thirst for controversy – Trigmatic

He opined the penchant, typical of a worrying number of Ghanaians, is birthed out of selfishness, adding it is destructive to national progress.

“People believe everything the radio broadcasts is true.

“So if I listen to you every day, and the message is negative, that’s who I [also eventually] become, after a long while,” Trigmatic said.

He said it is easy to know how a country thinks by simply watching its citizens’ activities on social media: “The algorithm tells you how we are thinking” as Ghanaians “and it’s sad”.

Concerning his interview, the Motromodwo (Hypocrite) hitmaker said:

“We shouldn’t be in a hurry to look out for the worst thing I’ll say to put that out, because that is a selfish way of thinking. That brings numbers to Accra FM but damages the entire scope or the work of someone else or the positive things that must happen.

“Imagine each individual thinking selfishly. The nation will suffer greatly.”

The multiple award-winning rapper asserted that for Ghana’s creative

arts industry “to be successful, we have to be intentional” about everything.

He shared his observation that, despite the global commercial success of West Africa’s Afrobeats, South Africa, where has stayed for a year, has not sacrificed its culture for it, ensuring “local artistes are still very much relevant,” especially economically.

“And it’s very intentional,” Trigmatic remarked, stressing: “It’s not magic.”

He expressed the belief that Ghana can mirror that by “bringing wholesomeness to our industry”. In turn, the wholesomeness will attract investors, he posited.

Trigmatic said: “We need investors but for the investors to come in, they need to be sure they are going into a sane environment,” noting “the bickering, fighting, insults,” inspire fear and not confidence in potential investors.

Furthermore, to attract investors, various stakeholders in the creative arts industry must pay attention to “research materials, mappings,” because the desired “investment is based on those documents”.

The “research materials,” he noted, would facilitate various forms of investment “like building infrastructure, enhancing the educational system,” etc.

Source: Ghanaweb

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