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Traditional stool gone missing – Investigations ongoing

Oyoko Traditional Stool lost from Traditional Council’s throne room.

This happened in the Tain District of the Bono Region after the stool was locked away for six years following the death of the late Seikwamanhene, Nana Kwaku Dwumah Ankoana II.

The Oyoko Royal Family, while celebrating the 10th anniversary of the late Nana Kwaku Dwumah Ankoana II, discovered that two of their traditional stools were missing from the throne room.

According to the Abusuapanin of the Oyoko Royal Family, Adehyepanin Kwadwo Asubonteng, he insisted against locking the throne room but was forcefully persuaded to do so by some elders of the traditional council and the Tain District Security Committee (DiSEC).

“I told them (the DiSEC) not to lock the room due to some traditional rites we’ll perform, but they insisted and locked it, I got the information a few weeks ago which says two of the traditional stools belonging to the Oyoko Royal Family are missing, I was shocked to hear that but I did nothing until the traditional leaders sent messengers, including the traditional priest officially to inform me about the missing stools” the Adehyepanin narrated.

Elders of Seikwa pouring libation to invoke gods to help with the search. – myjoyonline

According to reports confirmed by Abusuapanin Kwadwo Asubonteng, upon visiting the throne room to verify the report, it was indeed true that the withheld stools, which are essential and play a significant role at the traditional palace, were missing. Urgent action is needed to locate them.

In the process of searching for the missing stools, the Adehyepanin and his entourage stormed the Seikwa River deity to pour libation in an attempt to identify the culprits.

In addition to the missing stools, they discovered that the grave of the late Nana Kwaku Dwumah Ankoana had been tampered with.

“Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the late Nana Kwaku Dwumah with these unmemorable acts has caused the Oyoko Royal family in a state of much bitter grief,” Nana Kwadwo Asubonteng said.

The issue has been reported to the Tain district police and investigations are ongoing.

Source: Myjoyonline

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