UN Peacekeepers killed in clashes between local groups in Abyei Region

Violence erupts on South Sudan-Sudan border, Ghanaian peacekeeper among casualties.

A United Nations peacekeeper from Ghana lost his life during clashes between rival local groups in the Abyei region, located on the border between South Sudan and Sudan. The clashes unfolded in three locations in the Abyei area, leading to casualties and the evacuation of civilians to UN bases for safety. The incidents occurred on Saturday, with one UNISFA (United Nations Interim Security Force for Abyei) base coming under attack.

While the U.N. mission successfully repelled the attack, the statement confirmed the tragic death of a Ghanaian peacekeeper during the incident. The violence also prompted the evacuation of civilians to UNISFA bases to ensure their safety amid the clashes. The statement did not specify which tribes were involved in the clashes.

The Abyei region, known for its oil resources, has witnessed recurring violence, particularly due to disputes over the administrative boundary among rival factions of the Dinka ethnic group. Additionally, the ownership of Abyei itself is a longstanding point of contention between Sudan and South Sudan, with both countries making territorial claims. The UN mission is currently in the process of verifying the number of people affected by the recent violence, including casualties, injuries, and displacements.

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