Viral ‘Cobra’ song was just an experiment — Fredyma

Legendary sound engineer, Fred Kyei Mensah, better known as Fredyma, has revealed that the viral song “Cobra” was just an experimental song.

“Cobra,” originally sung by budding Ghanaian songstress Obaapa Gladys, has become a social media sensation, with people across the world participating in a viral dance challenge inspired by the song’s lyrics.

The song, which was originally released in early 2023, lingered in the background until late September when it unexpectedly surfaced on TikTok

Within days, the song had gone viral, with celebrities and everyday people alike taking part in the dance challenge.

In a Facebook post, Fredyma explained how the song came to be:

“The Cobra song was just an experimental song which I found the lyrics to be funny.”

He went on to explain that the song is about the dangers of deception and how one person’s words can ruin another person’s life.

He also said that the song’s lyrics, although funny, should be taken very seriously.