“We fight for our homeland, and we will win,” Israel’s foreign minister says in video statement

Israel is at war with Hamas following the “brutal slaughter of civilians,” Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen said in a video statement on Monday.  

He said Hamas’ attack is a “historical massacre that the world will not forget. That Israel will never forgive.”

“During the slaughter, they begin kidnapping hostages. Dragging babies, mothers, and elderly holocaust survivors on wheelchairs,” he added.

He thanked the international community for its support of Israel. 

“The people of Israel stand united. We will regain control and bring back security and stability. We will defeat terror because there is no other choice,” he said. “We trust this support will continue as we meet the challenge of fighting terror.” 

He said the safety of the hostages is Hamas’ responsibility, he said. 

“We fight for our homeland, and we will win,” Cohen concluded.


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