Woman Sues Netflix Over “Baby Reindeer”

Fiona Harvey sues Netflix for defamation

Says She Inspired ‘Baby Reindeer’ Character, Filing Defamation Lawsuit.

Fiona Harvey has filed a lawsuit against Netflix, claiming defamation over the portrayal of a character in the drama “Baby Reindeer,” which she says is modeled after her. Harvey argues that the show, created by comedian Richard Gadd, falsely depicts her as a convicted stalker. She asserts she has no criminal record and that her reputation has been severely damaged by the series.

“Baby Reindeer,” featuring Jessica Gunning as Martha, who harasses aspiring comedian Donny Dunn (played by Gadd), opens with a statement declaring it a true story. Harvey’s lawsuit calls this “the biggest lie in television history.” She seeks tens of millions in damages for defamation, emotional distress, and negligence.

Netflix and Gadd maintain they took steps to disguise the identity of the real-life inspiration for Martha. However, Harvey claims it took just days for the public to identify her, leading to harassment and fear for her safety. The lawsuit includes a certificate and background check report showing Harvey’s clean record, countering the show’s depiction of Martha as a convicted stalker.

Harvey’s lawsuit also disputes a scene where Martha allegedly sexually assaults Gadd’s character, stating it never happened. Gadd has urged viewers to avoid speculating about the real-life counterparts of the show’s characters. Despite its success, “Baby Reindeer” has sparked significant controversy, including scrutiny from British lawmakers over Netflix’s duty of care. Harvey aired her grievances in a YouTube interview, calling the show a “work of fiction.”