Kojo Antwi retires from performing at the National Theatre.

Ghanaian music icon cites artistic aspirations and venue conditions as reasons.

Ghanaian music icon Kojo Antwi has officially announced his retirement from performing at the National Theatre. The venue was historically associated with Kojo Antwi’s December 24 concert, drawing audiences for years. However, the legendary Highlife musician revealed in an exclusive interview that he has decided to permanently step away from the iconic venue.

Kojo Antwi expressed that the National Theatre, once a fitting location for his concerts, no longer aligns with his artistic aspirations. Reflecting on the past, he mentioned the intimate charm of the National Theatre during his early days but emphasized the need for a grander platform as he has evolved as a performer.

In his statement, Kojo Antwi noted that the National Theatre has fallen short of being a suitable venue, citing challenges in maintaining the facility. As an artist, he feels that he does not belong to a specific hall or venue. He also highlighted that the conditions at the National Theatre were not conducive to supporting his artistic endeavors.

“The place has fallen short of a theatre… maintaining the place has become difficult for those who are handling the theatre… and me as an artist, I don’t belong to a hall…I realized that the place wasn’t helping me. But an artiste doesn’t belong to a hall… All the things I did there were about God,” Kojo Antwi explained.

The decision to retire from the National Theatre marks a significant shift in Kojo Antwi’s performance venues, signaling a desire for a space that better complements his artistic vision and allows for a more expansive and impactful presentation of his music.

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