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Mahama Unveils Plan for New City to Ease Accra Congestion

The proposed city aims to improve government efficiency and foster economic growth.

The 2024 flagbearer of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), John Dramani Mahama, has unveiled plans to establish a new administrative city outside the Greater Accra Region. This initiative aims to speed up government services and address the severe congestion in the capital.

The congestion has hindered business growth and disrupted the smooth delivery of government services, despite the country’s decentralisation efforts.

In a meeting with the European Union Ambassador and the EU Chamber of Commerce on May 28, 2024, Mr Mahama emphasised the necessity of this project. He pointed out that the overcrowding in Accra has become a significant obstacle to economic development and efficient governance. The new city is envisioned as a long-term solution to these pressing issues.

Mr Mahama stated that his next administration would prioritise the planning, design, and feasibility studies required for this ambitious project. The undertaking is expected to span 20 years, reflecting the comprehensive and forward-thinking approach needed to ensure its success.

“We will commence a feasibility study with a plan to construct a new city. Accra is gridlocked, and the time has arrived for us to relocate certain parts of the government services from Accra.”

“Accra will remain the capital, but we will transfer a portion of it elsewhere. There is already available land on the Accra Plains and opposite the bank of the Volta Lake.”

“Moreover, we are establishing a port terminal in Mpakadan to transport cargo to the northern part of the country.”